About Abigail Cooper

Abigail Cooper is an Actor,  TV Host, Voiceover Artist, and a Health and Wellness Expert. Born in a small town in the Midwest, she is a firecracker with warm heart.  Her versatility, quick wit, and warm personality naturally captivate a wide audience. An innate performer since birth, Abigail was always performing in some capacity.  She started out in dance at the age of three and was making videos of her memorizing and performing full poems and scenes by the age of five.  From dance, Abigail then moved into theater and on-camera acting.  Along the way, her love of dance and healthy living drew her to the field of health and wellness. Her perfectionist, over-achieving personality got the best of her and she worked right through to her PhD, while still performing and working in the entertainment field. She was quite the busy bee! Abigail ended up with a BS in athletic training (sports medicine), an MS in exercise physiology, and a PhD also in exercise physiology.

In the last 12 years, Abigail  has done it all in the health and wellness field. In addition to being a certified & licensed athletic trainer, she also has some of the highest certifications in the health and fitness industry including American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist (ACSM-HFS) and National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Abigail has had many experiences in the industry and has been able to work with a variety of athletes, both recreational and professional.  As an athletic trainer, Abigail has worked with Division I athletes, attended all four major BCS bowl games, and has covered an annual tennis tournament that brings professional athletes from all over the world. She has also served as the on-set athletic trainer for a nationally-televised show with Jillian Michaels and has created and participated in fitness videos and infomercials. She has taught a number of subjects as a college professor, presented workshops on various health topics to corporations, and instructed fitness classes to a variety of demographics both the young and young at heart. Abigail is an avid lover of any form of exercise and tries to do something different every day.

Abigail’s fun-loving and engaging personality can get – and keep – the attention of a crowd at a live event, and she has the ability to build a fast rapport with people which makes for great, engaging interviews. Whether it’s a fun or serious event, Abigail knows how to individualize each appearance to make it exactly what the client and audience wants.

Abigail can most recently be seen in a sitcom pilot, various commercials, TV shows, infomercials, fitness videos, live events, and a feature film distributed by Lionsgate.

Abigail’s expertise in both the entertainment industry and health and wellness field led her to creating and hosting her own show called The So Abby Show. The So Abby Show is based around healthy lifestyle, travel, and adventure. Abigail incorporates her knowledge and passion for living a practical, on-the-go healthy lifestyle with her love for travel and adventure, whether it’s for work or play. Abigail makes sure to bring the fun, sass, and spunk to every show. And why wouldn’t she?! Because that’s – So Abby! You can learn more about The So Abby Show and watch the show at YouTube.

When she’s not performing or recording, Abigail enjoys spending time being active outdoors and on the water, photography, volunteering, and playing with her two rescue cats.


Abigail is super professional, confident, fun, perky and people love her. She always does a tremendous job and excels at all that she does. I would gladly hire her again for host and voiceover work and highly recommend her.
Jarrett, Social Media Titans
Abigail rocks.  If you’re looking for someone who has boundless energy, unlimited ideas and the ability to research just the right way to get something done, Abigail should be high on your list of candidates.  In working with her, I was constantly struck with how focused she is, and was continually impressed with her planning and structure.  Abigail’s fantastic.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.
David H. Lawrence XVII, Voiceover Coach
Abigail is by far one of the most loved and energetic hosts I have worked with, always professional, brings a “credibility” to whatever she is talking about. Clients love her happy spirit. Whatever is thrown at her, she has the ability to knock it out of the ball park!
Virginia Alexander, C.ht, Coordinating Producer