About Abigail

Abigail is an actor in various TV and Film productions.  She has studied with some of the top names in Los Angeles and New York City, and is always in consistent training.  She most recently shot a sitcom pilot, Flavors, and the feature film she was a part of, The Appearing, is distributed by Lionsgate.

Abigail Cooper Short Comedic Clip

Abigail’s Short Comedic Clip

Abigail Cooper Long Comedic Clip

Abigail’s Long Comedic Clip

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Abigail is super professional, confident, fun, perky and people love her. She always does a tremendous job and excels at all that she does. I would gladly hire her again for host and voiceover work and highly recommend her.
Jarrett, Social Media Titans
Abigail rocks.  If you’re looking for someone who has boundless energy, unlimited ideas and the ability to research just the right way to get something done, Abigail should be high on your list of candidates.  In working with her, I was constantly struck with how focused she is, and was continually impressed with her planning and structure.  Abigail’s fantastic.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.
David H. Lawrence XVII, Voiceover Coach
Abigail is by far one of the most loved and energetic hosts I have worked with, always professional, brings a “credibility” to whatever she is talking about. Clients love her happy spirit. Whatever is thrown at her, she has the ability to knock it out of the ball park!
Virginia Alexander, C.ht, Coordinating Producer