I had the pleasure of being able to work in Arizona recently, and gosh, was it gorgeous!  One of my goals is to hit more US sights.  I have traveled internationally a ton, but need to get out more in my own country!  Luckily, I get to see a lot of places with my job, so that’s always exciting.  It’s amazing how much beauty we have in our own backyard.  I was extremely busy the whole time with work, but I was able to take a quick walk one evening to take some pictures, and I had an amazing view from my room, so it was all good.  Enjoy!

Sunset 1

The view from my room!  The sun as it’s going down behind the mountain….Going…..

Sunset 2


Sunset 3



Love Mr. Cactus.

Cactus 2

Another cactus….and all those houses are *in* the mountain!  Awesome.

Mountain Sunset

Absolutely gorgeous.