About Abigail Cooper

Abigail Cooper is an Actor, TV Host, Voiceover Artist, and Wellness Expert. Born in a small town in the Midwest, she is a firecracker with warm heart. Her versatility, quick wit, and warm personality naturally captivate a wide audience. An innate performer since birth, Abigail was always performing in some capacity. She started out in dance at the age of three and was making videos of her memorizing and performing full poems and scenes by the age of five. From dance, Abigail then moved into theater and on-camera acting. Along the way, her love of dance and healthy living drew her to the field of health and wellness. Her perfectionist, over-achieving personality got the best of her and she worked right through to her PhD, while still performing and working in the entertainment field. She was quite the busy bee! Abigail ended up with a BS in athletic training (sports medicine), an MS in exercise physiology, and a PhD also in exercise physiology. Abigail’s fun-loving and engaging personality can get – and keep – the attention of a crowd at a live event, and she has the ability to build a fast rapport with people which makes for great, engaging interviews. Whether it’s a fun or serious event, Abigail knows how to individualize each appearance to make it exactly what the client wants. Abigail can most recently be seen in a sitcom pilot, various commercials, infomercials, fitness videos, live events, and a feature film distributed by Lionsgate. When she’s not performing or recording, Abigail enjoys spending time being active outdoors and on the water, photography, volunteering, and playing with her two rescue cats.

Jay Leno’s Last Night on The Tonight Show

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Flavors Sitcom

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Arizona Love

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