If you’re ever in the need for a quick, easy, healthy snack (which is like, ALL the time, right?!), this one will do the trick for you!

It’s insanely easy, and literally takes five minutes. It’s comforting, super nutritious, and satisfying.


Say HI to Cabbage Mushroom Wraps!

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Alright, so again, the video of me making it in real-time is below, but here it is written out for you.

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OK, onto the recipe!



Melt a dollop of coconut oil into a saucepan.

Chop the mushrooms and onion finely.

Add the mushrooms and onion to the coconut oil. Just use your best judgment on the amount of oil. You don’t need a lot – if there’s not enough, either add more or add a bit of water to get things moving. Or, you can always just use water, and not any oil at all.

**Mushrooms cook off a lot of water, so be careful not to add too much liquidy stuff, or you’ll get soupy mushrooms!

Add some coconut aminos and Bragg’s (or Tamari) to taste. Again, you don’t need much, just a bit is enough to give some flavor.

These will cook fast, so keep on eye on them.

Meanwhile, peel of parts of the cabbage off so you have little “leaves” that will be your wrap.

Once the mushrooms are done, fill your cabbage cup with some of them.

Add a dollop of fermented vegetables on top.

Shove in your face and enjoy!!


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And here’s the video to show you how this recipe was made in real-time!