Do you ever feel like being “healthy” is HARD?

Do you ever feel like being “happy” is such a CHORE?

Do you ever feel like finding time to have “fun” is such a PAIN?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, do NOT be ashamed!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all said yes to at least one – if not all – of those questions.

If you were to think of one word that relates to all those things, what would you say?

I would say EFFORT.

It’s so much EFFORT to be healthy. So much EFFORT to be happy. So much EFFORT to have fun.

I’m not saying that as a literal thing. I’m implying that that’s what a lot of people say and feel.

Am I saying that this is the case for EVERYONE?


But you can’t tell me that you haven’t felt at least ONCE that you would or would have said “yes” to one of those questions.

Am I literally saying that being healthy/happy/having fun takes soooooo much EFFORT?


In fact, what I want to say is just the opposite!

When I work with my private clients or just observe those around me, I notice that a lot of people find being healthy, happy, and having fun (to name a few things) so overwhelming.

“It’s so hard to keep track of what I ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ eat!”

“How can I be happy when I’m drowning in work?!”

“Have fun?! Are you kidding?! I don’t have time for fun!”

Sound familiar?

Thought so.

So, how ‘bout we turn that stuff on its head?

How ‘bout we try to put ZERO effort into being healthy, happy, having fun, insert whatever?


Say, WHAT, Abby??!

Yep, you heard me.


Sounds totally counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Well, it kind of is. Or, should I say – it COULD be if you let it go too far.

What I mean is, just try it for now, for a bit. A few days. A week.

See if you can try and be healthy with zero effort.

Listen to your OWN body. Not the news. Not the latest People Magazine issue.

YOUR body.

What feels right for you? Don’t try and unscramble all the things you hear about being healthy. Just listen to your body.

Same with being happy. See if you can try and be happy with zero effort.

What comes natural to you that just makes you laugh till you pee your pants? Is that a person? A thing?

Just sit and daydream. What used to make you so happy you were giddy?

Let it come to you, don’t force it.

Same with having fun. See if you can try and have fun with zero effort.

You work 15 hours a day? So what. See what comes to you throughout the day.

Is there a friend or person you like in your office? Find him or her and play random game of “basketball” with crumpled up paper into a trash can.

Send a group email to get your team to step into the office for a quick round of “I Spy.”

And don’t forget – this really can apply to all areas of your life – financial, relationships, etc.

These are just some suggestions to get your juices flowing.

But, really, you shouldn’t even need suggestions because the point is ZERO EFFORT.

You’re waiting and listening for things that are already in you. What your gut tells you. How you naturally just FEEL about being healthy, happy, or having fun.

Try it out! See what happens. I know it may feel awkward at first, but just give it a go.

And as always – let me know what comes up for you! Share some thoughts with me! Can’t wait to hear ‘em!

Put them in the comments below. 🙂

Carrots and kisses,