Every day you daydream about what “could” be. What “could” happen if you had the life you want.

You dream of what you would do, what you would have, who you would be with, what you would wear, and what you would buy.

Those visions are fine. In fact, they’re flipping great.

But the problem is, more often than that, you just leave them at that – visions.

You don’t believe that they could be your reality.


Admit it right now.

You don’t believe your visions could be your reality.

You don’t believe that those things COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

You might just think about them.

You talk about them as a SLIGHT, SLIGHT possibility.

You think, “Oh if I win the Lottery, then they’ll happen.”

You might not even mention them to anyone.

But, at the end of the day, all that means nothing if you don’t actually FIRMLY BELIEVE that those things could be your reality.

It doesn’t have to happen overnight. Shoot – you may not have parts of your reality fulfilled until 30 years from now.

Your reality comes in many forms and many timelines.

Because it could also be the complete opposite – parts of your reality – or even your WHOLE reality – could happen TOMORROW.

Read that again.

Your whole reality could happen tomorrow.

But, again – the key word is COULD.

What’s the key in taking it from “could” to actually happening?

What I’ve been hinting at all along, my Sherlock.

That you have to believe that your visions can be your reality!

At any time, any place.

ANYTHING, and I repeat, ANYTHING, can happen at ANY time.

Isn’t that flipping amazing??!

What you REALLY want could happen TOMORROW!

Ok, fine, I’ll raise that.

It could happen TODAY!!!!

Gorgeous, your life could change TODAY!

But only for those who are hungry.

Only for those who believe day in and day out that it could actually happen.

So stop talking.

Stop daydreaming.

And start believing.

And once you do, I’ll be waiting with the champagne.


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Radishes and Reality,