Behold: The Stuffed Pepper.

This is SUCH a simple dish that looks super fancy!

If you’re in a pinch and don’t know what to serve company for dinner, try making these. They’ll be a hit for scheezy!

Or, if you’re just feeling blah and uninspired on what to cook this week, these will do the trick for that, too!

And, now, ladies and gentlemen, your stuffed bell pepper recipe:


Take a washed (preferably organic) bell pepper. Red ones tend to be sweeter, so they can provide more flavor. Cut off the top of the pepper and “core” it. You don’t have to save the top, but it’s fun for presentation.

Cook a grain like rice, quinoa, millet, etc.

Meanwhile, sauté any veggies you’d like. Onion, garlic, carrots, celery, zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms are some suggestions.

Add any spices you’d like. You can even add tamari or coconut aminos for some more flavor.

Add something like beans or chickpeas for an added punch.

Cook all that together. Add the grain and cook a bit longer.

Stuff each pepper with the grain/veggie filling.

Put some water in the bottom of a glass baking dish. Set the stuffed peppers up in the dish. The water should be just covering the bottom of the peppers. This is to prevent the bottoms from burning.

Cook until the peppers are soft. Something like 350 F for 45 minutes is a general baseline.

You can leave the peppers uncovered, but eventually cover them with some foil so they don’t dry out too much.

Before serving, top with a fresh herb that would compliment your veggies and flavors.


Tell me in the comments below what you think of the stuffed bell peppers when you try them!


Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe 2